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Turku International School

Turku International School started in August 2003. The school was founded by the city of Turku. According to the treaty signed between the city of Turku and the University of Turku, Turun Normaalikoulu (the Teacher training school of Turku) takes care of the teaching in the international school. The official language of the school is English.

Turku International School offers primary (grades 1-4), secondary (grades 5-9) and upper secondary education. The first two of these conform to the National Framework Curriculum, but use some ideas and content from the IBO Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in teaching and assessment. The upper secondary education is based on the IB Diploma Programme.

Turku International School is founded to meet the educational needs of increasing international activities in and around Turku. The school is intended for foreign-born children living temporarily or permanently in Turku Region and for Finnish children returning to Finland after years abroad, as well as for Finnish children competent enough to receive education in English. Their competence is measured in tests.

Please send the completed application form to
Vesa Valkila
Turun Normaalikoulu
20610 Turku

Further information:
Pupil admission criteria and application form (to print) are on the website of the Turku International School, www.tis.utu.fi.

Application form is available also from the project manager of the school, Mr Vesa Valkila, mobile phone + 358 (0)400 523 093, e-mail: vesa.valkila@tnk.utu.fi. He will answer any further questions about the International School.

More info on web: http://www.tis.utu.fi

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